A trip to Þórsmörk

Earlier this week we took a nice trip to Þórsmörk, which is a nature park here in Iceland. But to get there you will have to have a 4×4 with a lockable drive since there are so many river crossings.
The views there are simply amazing and the fresh air, ice cold river crossings and the lack of anything man made for miles and miles make this one of my favorite places in Iceland to visit regularly.

We did have ourselves a little fiasco and had to be picked up in another jeep since our simply died on it’s way there. But that didn’t stop us from doing our job!

You see, the reason we went there was to photograph a lovely couple of girls for their engagement shoot. We wanted something not typical for them, so the highlands (Þórsmörk) was chosen.
For those who are getting to know us, we are photograhers and I work full time as one.

The day was a complete disaster so to speak, since I now have a jeep stuck in the highlands and I have to go get it with another one and a trailer! But there was a lovely silver lining. We got some awesome photos of the girls.

As well as that, I did get some amazing shots of the landscape around us while we waited to be rescued.