We’re alive!

We’ve just been in a kind of hibernation over the dimmest part of winter.
But now that spring is creeping up on us soon, we are getting our asses from planning to doing and executing those plans.

We’ve been in touch with a few companies here in Iceland to ask if they want to help us make our series for the summer. Hopefully we’ll get awesome sponsors and make an epic series for you guys.

Our plan is to get a van, build it out and start traveling here in Iceland and show you everything and nothing. We have three series planned for this year, a build out, travel vlog and then a photography based series where I (Axel) will nerd out.

But regardless, we will be having fun in the coming weeks and we will soon post the first video to our YouTube channel. No custom URL yet as we are still building the channel up and have yet to post the first video as said before 😉