Let’s start the year off well

First of all, happy new years and merry Christmas to you all.

We have started our 2021 with a bang here, as we said in the last post we finally found our van. Or should I say bus? Well, technically it’s still a van since we are removing all the seats from her.

It was a nice 10 hour drive back and forth for me (Axel) to go and get Freyja (our bus). Since Sunna doesn’t have a drivers license yet, we had to enlist the help of a friend to drive our Explorer back. Our friend Birta deserves a huge round of applause since this was the first time she has driven our Explorer and she only got her license last year. So, for her to say yes to the favor was a major thing to do for her. We are forever thankful to have people such as her in our lives.

The start of something new

Yup, next Monday the real fun starts, when we start stripping the bus and getting rid of the seats, headliner, shelving and all. It’s going to be tough, but we will not give up =)

The plan for the work on the bus is something like this:

  1. January : Stripping everything down and marking where everything is.
  2. February : Insulation, electrical and start of woodworking (boxes and frames).
  3. March : Finish all woodworking and move in.
  4. April : profit, prosper and travel!

We will be documenting the whole thing on our YouTube channel, mainly as a thing to look back on later in life, but also so others can see and be a part of it.

We have quite a few relatives that have been asking us how everything is going to go, what our plans are etc. And we thought they might like the planned vlogs, as well as an article or two here on the blog.

If you don’t want to go follow us on YouTube, it’s quite OK, we’ll post the videos here as well. We don’t know yet how often we will be posting a video, but we hope to get to a video a week schedule to keep the routine up and running.

We’ve also though of some other ideas for content to share with you, but more on that later.

The view from New Years Eve