No VLog Today

No, unfortunately this week has been quite slow for us since we live paycheck to paycheck, so we didn’t have what we needed to carry on with the build. To add to it, Sunna has been sick (not the Rona!) and she lost a grandfather as well this week. So, it’s been a hectic week but not in the sense we would have wanted it.

The coming week

Yes, tomorrow Axel is going to go ham on the interior on the bus and remove everything from the ceiling and walls, we’ve removed all metal structures but one. At the back of the bus where the 4 seats that stood highest there are two bars of metal across the bus to which the seats were fastened. They are bolted pretty tight and getting tools to the screws / bolts is going to take some maneuvering. But it will surely be fun to watch Axel getting frustrated, we’ll be sure to get that on video.

Amazon is our friend

Yes, we have signed up as affiliates to Amazon so you might see a link here and there which will be affiliate links, you don’t have to use them but if you need anything from Amazon, it would be highly appreciated if you’d shop through them =)

We just ordered our diesel heater, as well as blackout film for the windows and a battery isolator kit to use so we don’t empty the starter battery in the bus.

The heater we decided on getting is from a brand named Fiberfly and is a 5kW diesel heater. It’s one of those less expensive Chinese heaters, it has pretty good ratings and people in many of the Facebook groups we are in recommend them rather than buying a Webasto heater here locally. It’s also just under 1/4th of the price of the Webasto! So, even if we have to buy it again (if this one breaks) we’ll still be under the price point of the Webasto one. Name brands can be ridiculously expensive, but then again, they are the name brand for a reason.

We were watching a couple from the UK on YouTube called “The Vanbitious Project” where they were covering some windows in their Transit bus with a black rubber-like film that they got from Amazon, we decided to do the same. So, we ordered two rolls of Velimax Static Cling Film so we can black out five of the side windows as well as the two windows on the back doors. On top of that we will then put insulation and cladding. And finally we ordered a battery isolator kit so we can charge the leisure batteries from the alternator whilst the bus is running, then it cuts off the stream so the starter battery doesn’t go flat.

All that will be arriving if all goes well, on Friday this week.

Subfloor and insulation

That’s the next thing on the list this week after Axel goes bonkers in the demolition phase.

We have enjoyed the lull this week did offer us though and have used it for further planning, more research and all in all just a cozy time together watching other people doing the same thing as we are trying to do, living their dream.
A lot of these people we hope to meet down the line and call them our friends, I mean, common — we already know them pretty well. Or at least their YouTube personas 😉