A podcast and Mastodon!

Yeah, we know it seems to be the thing every #vanlife couple does, but still, since we haven’t had many chances to make videos, we decided to start a podcast as well! And since Twitter seems to be losing users as fast as it is employees, we also decided to open up a Mastodon instance/server for vanlife people and those who are interested in the vanlife movement.

The podcast

We’ve now made two episodes, but not on any schedule as it were. Since we both have ADHD, we have horrible memories and our brains have issues with remembering things, including new things we are trying to start! That sounds familiar to a lot of you, doesn’t it?

Well, from now on we do plan to record an episode each week to go over what we’ve been doing, what we’re planning to do and even a few interviews down the road, who knows?

You should be able to find us on various platforms, but here are the main three:

Mastodon? What’s that?

Well, if you haven’t heard, Twitter seems to be going down in a bad way since Elon Musk bought it. A lot of users don’t want to be there anymore, he is sacking people left and right, closing microservices that are essential for many things on the site (including 2FA!) and people have just had enough. So what are they doing? They are migrating to an open-source alternative, which is also its own social media platform by any right. Mastodon is a social media platform that is distributed, non-centralized and open-source. It’s free for all to use and anybody can open up their own server for their community and have different rules than other servers in the federation (the collection of all servers). But the kicker is that all servers can talk to each other!

That means that if you sign up on our server, which we highly encourage if you haven’t already made an account elsewhere, you can see everything on our server, other servers as well as only those you follow on our or any other server in the federation.

We know it has a bit of a learning curve, but when you figure out how everything works it’s way better than Twitter and the community on Mastodon is much friendlier and more accepting than the Twitter community was.

If you fancy signing up, you can do so by clicking here. There are no ads, we don’t collect any data and sell it nor will we ever. We simply want to create a safer place for our community, family and friends.